Why you should enter World Class – No Excuses!

Diageo World Class Cocktail competition entries close this Friday! Here is why and how you can enter in 7 days.


Its Exciting! – Seeing what you peers come and up with and getting ideas that you can use yourself. Exposing yourself to the world of cocktail competitions will improve your knowledge, give you the chance to practice and refine your skills.

You will learn a lot! From just watching others compete and raise the bar you can take notes on how to improve your own presentation for the next comp and even when wow some guests while your at it. There will also be feedback from suppliers and ambassadors that will tell you how, why and where you can improve your drink and presentation. This is so great for accelerating your  cocktail knowledge.

The prizes up for grabs are also fantastic!

If you feel that your not ready – I say you are and will show you how you can come up with a killer drink by Friday. The first round of the comp is simply an online submission of a recipe. It doesn’t matter if your have been doing this for 3 years or have only just clocked up your first 3 months of bar tending you all have a shot of making it through to the next round with a memorable drink.

So grab your pen a bit a note paper here we go. 7 days – one cocktail!


Phase one

  1. Read the rules and the brief sent out by the organiser
  2. Chooses a spirit from their portfolio that is included in the comp.
  3. Research this spirit – even if it one of your faves, learn what is unique about it.
  4. Come up with a story that will inspire the choices you will make for your drink. The story can be factual, historical or made up. This is how you will sell your drink.
  5. List similar flavors that will show off this spirit in your drink and make it the star of the show and link it to your story.

Phase two

  1. Choose what style of drink you want to create. E.g. Sour, Fizz, Spirit forward, Champagne, Smash or Tiki/ tropical. May be linked to your story
  2. List similar drinks using your chosen spirit.

Phase three

  1. Using your two lists choose a second ingredient to highlight or feature a particular flavor from your chosen spirit and entwine it with your story.
  2. Does this combination work? Yes, choose a stunning garnish move to step 3 – No, add one more ingredient and repeat this step.
  3. Get your friends and colleagues to try your drink and give feedback.
  4. Repeat step 3 changing the ratios within your drink adjusting how sweet, sour or bitter your drink is until you have a killer combination and all who have tasted it love it.
  5. Name your drink – not rude – link it back to the featured spirit or to the story that inspired the drink.
  6. Take a picture of your drink – Don’t – take the photo in your bar or using your bar glassware. You need to stand out! Do make your drink in a spot with an awesome back drop that fits the name or story for your drink, use props, include a bottle of your featured spirit. Don’t include other bottles not from the companies portfolio.

Last but not lest.. Enter your drink! You have to be in it to win it, you also have to be in it to get all the great feedback and improve your cocktail game. It could be the start of an exciting journey!

So what are you waiting for, get going: https://www.theworldclassclub.com/enter-competition



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