Gin Fun Facts

  1.  Juniper berries – The predominate flavor of Gin are actually not Berries. They are a female seed cone, a type of pine cone with fleshy scales that merge into each other giving it the appearance of a berry.
  2. The origin of Gin – Gin appears the be the most British of Spirits and it definitely is though it was first created by the Dutch. English soldiers fighting in the 17th century were introduced to Jenever (the dutch word for gin) by dutch soldiers who would drink it before battle… This is where the term “Dutch Courage” comes from. It would then be another 150 years until England refined the production of Gin.
  3. There are two famous artworks from the time of the gin craze sweeping through London. William Hogarth a satirist, painter, social critic and cartoonist who was not impressed with the way gin was damaging society. He created the engravings ‘Gin Lane’ and ‘Beer Street’ in 1751 that coincided with the Gin Act 1751 that banned the production of gin from stills that had a capacity less than 1,800 liters. Hogarth’s prints: “Gin Lane” off to the side (or above on mobile)  and “Beer Street” below were created to show the virtues of society drinking beer compared to the devils that gin was bringing out f the London people. Beerstreet
  4. England does not drink the most Gin (anymore) – The Philippines now consume over 22 million cases of Ginebra San Miguel each year. Don’t worry no one outside of the the Philippines have heard of “Ginebra San Miguel” either, though it makes up a massive 43% of the gin market!
  5. Last but not least – Nearly all juniper used in Gin is picked wild. There are no mass Juniper farms like there are for malt, barley and corn.

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