Hi I’m Josh and I’ve been working in Bars since 2009. Drinking new and different drinks excites me as much as visiting somewhere completely new and I love to travel, already touched foot on all 7 continents. I’ve worked In London Pubs, Sports bars, Cocktail Bars, Leagues Clubs, Hotel Bars, A Casino plus Show bars. A few of these Bars Ive even managed and designed cocktail menus for.

I’ve designed this site as a go to for free learning for bartenders of all sorts and levels of knowledge. I’ll be featuring recipes for classic cocktails, providing you with recipes I’ve created myself and showcasing new spirits as I come across them as well as those we all already know and love.

I am also working on a bartenders online training program that has levels much the same as learning a martial art with requirements to be completed and learned in order to move up each level until you reach master bartender – then the journey really begins.

To start you off on your adventure you can read about some of the classic and most often ordered cocktails here or if you are a more seasoned bartender venture into some of my own recipes here or check out some of the featured spirits.

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